Organic Strategies and Solutions for

Entertainment, Sports & Technology

LAUNCHpAD WorldWide, Inc., creates custom plans for a range of consumers within the local to the international market.  Standing upon the core values of integrity, creativity, innovation and professionalism, partnering with brand to gain insight of their intended target markets.  The needs of our upscale clientele are the highest priority of LAUNCHpAD WorldWide priding ourselves with not just knowing how to delivery excellence but why it is imperative for the success of our clients.
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LAUNCHpAD WorldWide has over 20 years of experience providing best-in-class services across a broad range of industries. Our team of managers and creative consultants are highly seasoned service providers. We listen, discover and explore trans-formative strategies that strengthen the connection between client and consumer.


Services Provided:

•    Management of Talent / Events / Projects

•    Production / Contracting / Licensing

•    Strategic Branding / Consulting 

•    Experiential Marketing
•    Start-up Brand Development