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Project Management

LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., project managers are focused on the vision of our clients as we plan, organize and allocate resources to assure the clients goals are maintained while effectively reaching the intended audiences.  Project Managers, will help your team effectively and efficiently use available resources, discover core roles and responsibilities as well as minimize risk involved with the implementation of desired plans. Project Managers will also assure the timeliness of project completion, and guarantee that the budget is followed.


Experiential Marketing 

LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., creative events will help clients engage, influence and change the perception of current or new consumers. This method of marketing aligns itself with such business practices that values the collaborations from influencers practiced within sport, entertainment and technology industries.  By providing actions based strategies and organic solutions LAUNCHpAD Worldwide Inc., will help create publicity, excite your market and deliver results, creating an exceptional promotional campaign.


Start-Up Brand Development
Talent Management:
Production / Contracting / Licensing

LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., operates internationally, in the creation, contracting and licensing of intellectual property. We assist our client within every stage of their development, helping build a consumer base to enhance their brands as a whole. Offering a wide variety of tailored services to create an upward trajectory and increase market share of the talent. LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., will invest the time to understand each clients artistic philosophy and design in order to enhance the management talent relationship.

Brand Consulting

LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., branding department will work on the branding or rebranding of established and/or startup companies alike. As brand ambassadors, we work to bring the latest and most innovative approaches to the mix in order to guarantee our clients and their brand are at the forefront of their respective industries while still maintaining their own personal vision. By collecting internal and external data and creating strategic plans for each client in order to deliver personalized results. Invest in your company by trusting the experience, knowledge and vision of our experts.


LAUNCHpAD WorldWide Inc., searches for potential brands, who bring unique value proposition models to their relative industry. Pairing these brands with experienced industry leaders in order to create impactful work. Our client's unique assets will be integrated within each stage of development and creation of their brand. Brand's authenticity and ethics are highly protected throughout the development process and the lifecycle of the brand. 


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